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ABA Therapy Billing and Mental Health Billing:

Our expert ABA Therapy billers will aggressively collect all payments outstanding from all insurance companies. Petraeus Billing Services will collect the maximum reimbursement for all claims billed. The customer service we provide makes it easy to work efficiently with our clients. Let Petraeus Billing handle the billing and collections to make your business stronger and more effective.

Petraeus Billing Services provides the following medical billing services in the United States:

Audit Review

Review the ABA Therapy and Mental Health claim for accuracy. Confirm proper and valid diagnosis codes are utilized and submitted to the payers. Confirm the format of the claim submitted is accurate and contains all required field values. Confirming the claims process and get submitted to the correct payer.

Billing (RCM) Revenue Cycle Management Services

Petraeus Billing Services will scrub all ABA Therapy and Mental Health claims for accuracy prior to submitting electronically to all payers. Once claims are submitted to the payer, we will check and confirm claims are processing in the payers portal system. Once claims are processed and paid, Petraeus will handle all cash posting in the software system.

Collection Services

As part of our services, all claims that are not paid or rejected will be resubmitted to the Payer. The process of collections is the most important part of your Billing Team. We take pride in confirming that claims are re-submitted for payment. If any claims are denied for no authorizations, they will be forwarded to the client’s offices for appropriate authorization approval. Once authorizations are received, claims will be resubmitted to the Plans.

Management/Owner Reporting

Petraeus Billing and its team will provide on a monthly basis a detailed accounts receivable report. This report will provide a status of any claims that are pending to be paid or denied. It will include the reasons for the denial and/or non-payment.

Analysis Consulting

Petraeus Billing Services can provide an overall review of your organization’s revenue and cost structure. Often times by having an external source provide your company with valuable information to help understand what’s best to grow your business. Count on Petraeus Billing Services to take your company to the next level.

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