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    18151 Hope Ave., Palmetto Bay, Florida 33157
  • Phone: 305-448-7032
  • Fax: 305-448-7033
  • Email: petraeusbilling@gmail.com


Petraeus Billing Services has more than 40 years of providing ABA Billing and Collections experience. Our team has the training and persistence needed to be able to collect all claims submitted to insurance plans. It has always been our goal to collect 100% of all billing completed. Behavioral Health Billing and Mental Health Billing is our priority.

As an ABA Collections Company, Our mission is to handle all back-office financial operations in collections, cash posting, and accounts receivable reports so your facility can grow and market its business in the most productive way possible.

Our commitment to your facility builds a strong relationship between us where daily updates are a way of life. We have been focused on billing Behavioral Health and Mental Health for years.

Our consulting services and medical billing services in the United States also provide additional resources to provide guidance to make it to the next level.

Let us help you build and prosper.

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